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Happy New Year everyone! And a big year for me as I gear up for the launch of the Frederik Sandwich series for Middle Grade readers. Book #1 is Frederik Sandwich and the Earthquake that Couldn’t Possibly Be. It’s getting a great reception from my fabulous team of 4th, 5th and 6th grade beta readers at Montessori Children’s House in Redmond, WA. Official release date is February 6th, and we’re having a launch party at Brick and Mortar Books in Redmond, at 3pm on Saturday February 10th. Please come along if you can.

I’ve been learning how to make movies so I can use YouTube to give you insights into the writing process, and the background for the stories. Here’s my first attempt:

Meanwhile I’m working with my amazing editor Annie Berger at Sourcebooks Jabberwocky to get book #2 into shape. It’s provisionally titled Frederik Sandwich and the Mayor Who Lost Her Marbles, and it’s due for publication in February 2019. On top of that I’m plotting book 3#, with the help of my Montessori buddies. And I’m working in the background on another book called Zrinka and the Dark Contraptions. I’m crazy busy. But now I’ve finally figured out how to post my thoughts to my website, I plan to stay in touch regularly and let you all know what’s going on with the books, and with Frederik Sandwich.

Stay tuned!


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